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Sex Crimes Convictions Can Result in Lifelong Consequences

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If you or a loved one has been convicted of a sex crime, whether against a minor or adult, you know how your life can be drastically altered from that point forward. Unlike many other crimes, certain sex crime convictions can follow you throughout your life. It is important to contact a criminal defense attorney immediately if you are facing Florida sex crime charges.

Types of Sex Crimes in Florida

There are various categories of sex crimes in the State of Florida, and such crimes can range from non-contact sex crimes such as viewing child pornography to contact crimes stretching from consensual activities undertaken with a minor to violent offenses such as rape and sexual battery. With such a wide range of crimes to consider, Florida law requires certain offenders to register as sexual predators.

Consequences of Florida Sex Crime Convictions

Other than those punishments traditionally associated with criminal convictions, such as jail time, fines, and probation, additional consequences for sex crimes can include the following:

  • Lifetime probation
  • Sex Offender Registration
  • Inability to live in certain areas
  • Inability to work in certain locations or at certain jobs
  • Forced psychological evaluations and program attendance
  • Inability to leave the state or travel across international borders

Florida takes a strong stance on sex crime convictions but not every sex crime merits the full weight of each consequence. For example, Florida has what is commonly referred to as a “Romeo and Juliet” law, which permits you to petition for removal from the sex offender registry if you were charged with a certain category of “statutory rape,” which occurs when an adult has consensual sex with a minor. If the minor was over the age of 13, you are no more than four years old than the minor, and the sexual contact was consensual, you may be able to avoid certain sex offender consequences.

Contact a Florida Criminal Defense Attorney with Questions

If you are considering pleading guilty to a sex offense, be sure to contact an experienced Florida criminal defense attorney to discuss the likely lifetime consequences of such a charge. Having a sex offense on your record will drastically affect your ability to work, live, and travel, but a Florida lawyer may be able to assist you in obtaining the best possible result. The Khonsari Law Group has the lawyers you need to discuss your sexual offense charges and determine the best option for you. If you are located in the greater St. Petersburg area, contact us today for a free, no-risk consultation at (727) 269-5300.

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