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A Spring Break Arrest Can Have Long-term Consequences

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From Miami to Orlando to Fort Lauderdale, Florida has always been the place to be for spring breakers over the years. Florida’s beautiful beaches are the perfect place for college students to unwind mid-way through their spring semesters – usually during the months of March or April. However, a relaxing and enjoyable break can turn into a nightmare when underage drinking and drug use enter the picture.

If you have been arrested and charged with committing a crime in the State of Florida over spring break, you need effective, experienced legal representation. It is important to know that no matter what you have been arrested for or charged with, you always have legal options. Our experienced St. Petersburg defense attorneys are ready and willing to help you explore these legal options and potentially minimize the long-term effects of your arrest.

Long Term Consequences of a Criminal Arrest

Some of the more common reasons for criminal arrests over spring break include the following:


Arrests and criminal convictions in the state of Florida can have serious long-term – and potentially lifelong – impacts. Whenever a person is arrested for a criminal offense in Florida, a criminal record is created. a criminal record is difficult (and sometimes impossible) to expunge, depending upon the circumstances.

Moreover, college scholarships or admissions may be compromised, and in some cases even revoked, following a criminal arrest or conviction – not to mention potential termination of employment. Criminal records and convictions can also make it difficult for individuals to find a decent apartment or another place to live, as criminal background checks are becoming increasingly more common.

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Spring break arrests are unpleasant for everyone involved, and the consequences can be costly – both personally and professionally. If you are interested in learning how our experienced defense attorneys can potentially help you obtain a favorable result in your criminal case, you should contact Khonsari Law Group today at 727-269-5300, or contact us online for a free initial consultation.



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