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Stolen Phone? Why GPS Tracking Can Lead to Bigger Problems

Stolen Phone? Why GPS Tracking Can Lead to Bigger Problems

Nearly all modern mobile devices now come equipped with a Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) chip. This location-tracking feature has many advantages, including locating a stolen device. This feature has created a new trend of vigilante, do-it-yourself style justice in which victims of phone theft are tracking down their stolen phones. However, it is important to consider the possible dangers and legal ramifications if you decide to take the law into your own hands.

Vigilantes Put Themselves and Others at Risk

Law enforcement does not recommend tracking a cellular device right to the alleged thief. Police have noted the dangers of taking the law into your own hands and recommend turning over any information to your local police station rather than getting yourself into a potentially violent and dangerous situation

GPS Tracking Infringes on Privacy

Although privacy rights will continue to evolve as technology becomes more prevalent, in most cases, using GPS to track another person is a violation of that individual’s privacy. Unfortunately, tracking a missing device might not lead to the thief, who could have sold or passed the phone to someone else. Though you may be tracking your device, you are also simultaneously infringing on another person’s right to privacy. While intruding on someone’s privacy is not a criminal offense, you can still be held liable in civil court by the very person who obtained your phone.

Questionable Legality

Recently, Florida’s laws changed regarding GPS tracking devices. It is now a misdemeanor to use tracking devices without the consent of the person being tracked. There are certain exceptions including parental tracking, elderly monitoring and law enforcement use with a warrant. Currently, there are no special exemptions on tracking a personal device. Anti-theft software, including those provided by Apple and Android, remains in a grey area.

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