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How Do I View My Criminal Record?

How Do I View My Criminal Record?

Any individual who has ever been arrested or convicted has some sort of criminal record. This record is publicly available and may include anything from felonies to simple traffic violations. If you have been arrested or convicted and have a criminal record, it is important to know what is listed on your record. This is important because you will want to know what information others may be viewing about you.

How Can I See My Criminal Record?

There are several ways you can view your criminal record. Some of the most effective ways include:

  • Checking online. There are many online services, both paid and free, that will show your criminal record. However, these may not be the most accurate sources as they may only show part of your record. Be sure to check multiple online sources to ensure you are viewing your full criminal record.
  • Going to the court clerk’s office. The clerk’s office in the county where you were charged should have your record. For a small fee, they should be able to make copies of your record for you to keep.
  • Asking your attorney. The prosecution is required to give your criminal defense attorney a complete copy of your criminal history. Ask the attorney that represented you for a copy of your criminal record.

Who Else Can See My Criminal Record?

In the United States, when someone is convicted of a crime, that crime becomes a public record. This means that documents surrounding the conviction are available to the public. Any person can go to the court clerk’s office or use an online database and find your criminal record including family members, friends, or potential employers have access to your entire criminal history.

Only if you expunge or seal your record will you be able to keep that information from the general public.

How Do I Get My Criminal Record Expunged or Sealed?

The majority of employers run background checks before hiring a new employee; therefore, having a criminal record can greatly impact your chances of finding a job. Expunging or sealing your record is the only way to stop these potential employers from viewing your criminal record. If you want to know if you are eligible to have your record expunged or sealed, click here.

The easiest way to have your record expunged or sealed is by hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney. If you wish to have your record expunged or sealed, contact the attorneys at the Khonsari Law Group. We have the experience and knowledge needed to quickly and effectively handle all of your legal needs. Call KLG today for a free consultation.

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