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What are the Penalties for Driving a Car Not Registered to You?

What are the Penalties for Driving a Car Not Registered to You?

Many drivers find out too late that court-ordered penalties may apply when driving a car not registered to them. For instance, if a friend drives another person’s car or truck and then violates the state’s vehicle code, a police officer may stop and cite the driver, even if he or she isn’t the registered owner. Police officers commonly cite or arrest the non-owner driver in various situations, such as a broken headlight. Penalties for driving a car not registered to the driver, or when driving an unregistered car, can seriously impact the driver’s future. Consider these scenarios:

Driving a Car Not Registered to You in an Auto Accident

Most auto insurance policies cover or “follow” the auto. If an individual loans his car to a friend, the he or she essentially loans the insurance policy, too. If the friend driving has an accident, the auto insurance policy covers the damages to the owner’s vehicle. Assuming the driver is also insured, his or her auto policy coverage is secondary to the owner’s primary coverage.

However, the driver of the borrowed vehicle may be involved in an at-fault accident. In this scenario, the driver does not have insurance and is an uninsured motorist. Unfortunately, the owner of the car (also the insured) is legally responsible for what happened.

The simple matter of borrowing a car can become very complex. Think carefully before letting good friends or even a family member drive your vehicle. An uninsured driver accident can have serious legal and financial ramifications.

Driving an Unregistered Car

Driving an unregistered car is against the law and can result in some serious fines and an impounded vehicle. Without a valid registration, the police may question the driver’s ownership of the vehicle, and an officer might assume the car is stolen. Even if there was a title error and the transition from seller to buyer is delayed, the new owner should wait until the new title arrives to register the car.

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Driving an unregistered car opens the door for a complicated legal and financial situation. Hiring an experienced attorney is the next step after any auto accident. Call Khonsari Law Group at (727) 269-5300 or contact us for the help you need.

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