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What Is an ETG Test?

What Is an ETG Test?

One of the most common tests you can be given by a probation officer and potentially in the future when you are arrested on suspicion of a DUI – driving under the influence – is called an ETG test. This is something you should expect if you are on probation and have a condition to not consume alcohol. There are certain benefits that go into this type of test as it can absolutely determine whether there is actually alcohol in your system.

What is an ETG Test?

An ETG test is also known as the ethyl glucuronide test. The substance is a metabolite that is produced as a result of consuming alcohol. It provides the levels of alcohol found in a person’s urine and is largely used by probation departments and courts in the United States to test whether a person has been drinking.

How Accurate is an ETG Test?

An ETG test is one of the most sophisticated types of alcohol testing methods used. Because it is a direct metabolite of alcohol, it produces very accurate results.

How Long Does it Take to Get ETG Test Results?

In general, when an ETG test is performed on an individual, there is a turnaround of 36 hours from the time of receiving a urine specimen.

What if a Person is a Chronic Drinker?

It should be noted that the ETG test is also commonly known as the “80 hour test” in regard to chronic alcohol drinking, but this is not completely accurate. In reality, if a person consumes only three drinks, their level of ETG is only detectable for around 20 to 24 hours. The test is, therefore, only viable during a time period when alcohol has actually been consumed. However, in the case of a person who is a chronic alcoholic, it is still possible to have alcohol in the urine without actually drinking. In this case, it would mean the substance has not been metabolized by the liver, which means it would be detected in an ETG test.

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