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What to Do If My Child Is Injured at a Playground?

What to Do If My Child Is Injured at a Playground?

Minor cuts and bruises are a part of everyone’s childhood, but things can change quite a bit when serious injuries take place on another party’s property. Situations such as a child being injured on a playground often leave parents unsure of where to turn for help with medical bills and which party is responsible for the injuries.

The First Steps to Take

Even if the injuries seem relatively minor, parents must seek out professional medical help to prevent further health problems. While the child is being tested and treated, parents should take some time to write down where the injury happened, what time it happened, the contact information of any witnesses, and any treatments that are carried out. Once this has been done, the parents can then contact an attorney to explore their legal options.

Determining Fault

Determining fault in any personal injury case can be complex. Some of the variables that must be considered include the owner of the playground, the adult responsible for the child’s health at the time, the safety of the equipment, and even the child’s age. Any number of parties can be partially at fault for these injuries, especially if the accident takes place on public property. Once all of this data has been collected, a case can be made for either a civil trial or out-of-court settlement.

Professional Legal Help From Khonsari Law Group

There are quite a few ways that a child’s injury can evolve into an overwhelming and complex legal battle. This is why it is so important for parents to contact Khonsari Law Group as quickly as possible to explore their legal options. Once Khonsari Law Group has been contacted, you will no longer have to worry about issues such as speaking with insurance companies and filing the correct paperwork. If you have a loved one that has recently been injured, please contact Khonsari Law Group today to set up your own consultation.

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