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What to Know About Rental Venues and Personal Injury Claims

What to Know About Rental Venues and Personal Injury Claims

Planning an event can be rewarding and stressful. Hopefully, things will go well, and guests will show up and enjoy themselves. However, parties often involve alcohol, and merrymaking can turn dismal if an intoxicated guest injures themselves or another. Slip and fall accidents can occur anywhere, including rented spaces, but who is responsible for the injury should a guest file a personal injury lawsuit? The following information can help those affected by an accident that occurs at a rental venue.

Who Signed the Rental Contract?

In rare cases, a rental transaction might occur without a signed contract. Doing so is highly unlikely and usually unadvised. However, when there is no contract and someone receives significant injuries, the normal laws of negligence take hold.

Thoroughly Review the Rental Contract

More commonly, a venue rental agreement comes with a valid signed contract between the parties. Any venue owner knows that they need this contract to establish the responsibilities of those involved. They do not want to bear the blame for actions that occur while the renter is in possession and control of the facility. Depending on the terms of the contract, the property owner might hold insurance to safeguard against injury claims or the renter may have the option of purchasing such insurance for the duration of the rental period.


The rental contract will usually carry an indemnification clause, which shifts the blame from one party to another. Quite often, rental contracts release the property owner from any possible damages arising during the period in which the renter is in full control of the facility. This indemnification agreement leaves the renter responsible for paying out any legal claims made by an accident victim. It is always advisable to inspect a facility before signing a rental contract. Otherwise, there is a possibility of being sued for pre-existing conditions that the courts deem foreseeable.

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