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Why Former Prosecutors Make the Best Defense Attorneys

Rohom khonsari

A prosecutor is a lawyer who works to convict criminals or to secure other forms of justice on behalf of a national, regional or local court system. Essentially, a prosecutor does the opposite of what a defense attorney does, prosecuting the defendant rather than representing him. However, those defense attorneys who began their careers as prosecutors bring a layer of perspective and knowledge to their cases, which other attorneys do not.

Former Prosecutors Bring More Insight to Criminal Defense Cases

When an attorney spends time as a prosecutor before entering private practice, he acquires valuable insight from the other side of a criminal defense case. A former prosecutor has a better idea of how a prosecutor will act in a case because he has experienced the court from that angle. Because he has been in the shoes of a prosecutor before, he will be able to better predict the thought patterns and strategies of the prosecutors who take his clients to court.

A former prosecutor also knows where to look for discrepancies in the evidence being used to try his clients and will be better able to spot weaknesses in the case.

To be truly successful in a criminal defense case, a defense attorney must always be one step of ahead of his opponent. While defense attorneys who do not have prosecuting experience may be able to provide great representation, they will never have the advantage of insight that former prosecutors do.

Former Prosecutors Can Negotiate Better Plea Bargains

A former prosecutor understands how prosecuting attorneys build their cases and pursue convictions. They have seen firsthand how cases progress throughout the legal process, from the time of arrest, to the trial, to the potential appeal process. And they know when a plea bargain is worth taking and when to keep fighting for something better.

Having devised plea bargains before, a former prosecutor knows how to make a deal that will best serve the defendant. When exoneration or dismissal is not going to happen, a former prosecutor will fight vigorously to reduce his client’s sentencing or charge.

Hire an Attorney With an Edge On Competition

Rohom Khonsari, principal and partner of the Khonsari Law Group, is a former prosecutor who handled and tried a broad range of felony trials for the Pinellas County State Attorney’s Office. Today, Mr. Khonsari has experience in both criminal and civil law, with more than 40 jury trials and several high profile cases under his belt.

If you are seeking an attorney who will fight fiercely for your case, call the Khonsari Law Group today.

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