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Florida Ranked Most Dangerous State For Pedestrians

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The Tampa Bay area often prides itself on being pedestrian-friendly, with long waterfront sidewalks, centrally located parks and bustling downtown areas encompassed with nearby attractions.

The truth, however, is that the Tampa/St. Petersburg/Clearwater area is actually the second most dangerous metro area for pedestrians in the entire country. Out of the 10 most dangerous areas for pedestrians in the United States, the top four are located in Florida. That makes the Sunshine State the No. 1 deadliest U.S. state for pedestrians

Learn more about the dangers that pedestrians in Florida face and how to prevent yourself from falling victim to a pedestrian traffic accident.

Pedestrian Danger in Florida

In 2014, an organization called Smart Growth America released a report called “Dangerous by Design,” which chronicles pedestrian deaths throughout the United States from 2003 to 2012. Here just a few of the startling statistics presented in the report:

– 47,025 people died while walking on streets in the United States. That number is 16 times more than the number of deaths caused by natural disaster in America over the same time span.

– In addition to the 47,025 deaths, roughly 676,000 pedestrians were injured. That means that a pedestrian was hit by a car about every 80 minutes!

– Smart Growth America calculated a pedestrian danger index (PDI) for every metro area in the country. The national PDI was 52.2.

– Four Florida metro areas had the highest PDIs in the country. Orlando/Kissimmee took the top spot with a PDI of 244.28, followed by Tampa/St. Petersburg/Clearwater at 190.13, Jacksonville at 182.71, and Miami/Fort Lauderdale/Pompano Beach 145.33.

– In the Tampa/St. Petersburg Clearwater area, 21.9 percent of all traffic related deaths were pedestrians.

How to Stay Safe on Your Commute

For some, walking to work is a necessity. For others, it is a convenience. Either way, everyone faces the same risks when walking on our roadways. To keep yourself safe, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention suggests these tips:

– When crossing the street, use a designated crosswalk or intersection whenever possible.

– When walking at night, make yourself visible to drivers by carrying a flashlight and wearing reflective clothing.

– Use a sidewalk whenever one is available. When there is no sidewalk, walk on the shoulder of the road and face traffic so you can see oncoming cars.

Have You Been Involved In a Pedestrian Traffic Accident?

Seek legal assistance immediately. If you are not incapacitated after the accident, take photos of any property damage and your injuries, and try to get contact information from any witnesses. An attorney can use these as evidence to help build your case.

If you or loved one has fallen victim to Florida’s pedestrian dangers, you will want an experienced personal injury attorney with in-depth knowledge of local traffic laws on your side. Contact the Khonsari Law Group for a free consultation today.

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