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What is a Personal Injury Attorney?

Personal Injury Lawyer in St. Petersburg

A personal injury lawyer is a type of civil litigator who provides legal representation to individuals who have been physically or psychologically injured as a result of negligent acts or wrongdoings of an individual, a company, government agency or other entity.

Even though personal injury lawyers are trained and licensed to practice in virtually any field of law, they generally only handle cases that fall under tort laws which include but are not limited to: work injuries, automobile and other accidents, defective products, medical mistakes, and slip and fall accidents among others.


Personal injury attorneys have many responsibilities, which include both professional and ethical rules as well as codes of conduct set forth by state bar associations where the lawyers are licensed. Personal injury attorneys are responsible for interviewing prospective clients as well as evaluating their cases. They are responsible for determining the legal matter of the case in addition to identifying the specific issues within the plaintiff’s larger problem. Personal injury attorneys research each issue in a case in order to build a strong case.

Personal injury attorneys work to defend clients involved in numerous types of injury cases. Any claim which involves an injury to either the body or the mind is considered under personal injury law. Common personal injury cases include: animal bite injuries, auto accidents, injuries from defective products, medical malpractice, and nursing home abuse, among others. Personal injury attorneys should possess the skills and specialized knowledge to litigate a variety of cases. A personal injury attorney’s ultimate professional responsibility is to assist plaintiffs in obtaining both justice and the compensation they deserve for their losses and suffering. Personal injury attorneys accomplish this through advocacy, oral arguments, client counseling as well as doing everything for each and every client.

Codes of Conduct

While the guidelines vary by state, the basic codes of conduct state that a lawyer must knowledgably evaluate legal matters and exercise competence in any legal matter undertaken.

Personal injury attorneys owe their clients a duty of loyalty and confidentiality and must work to protect their clients’ best interests.

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