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A Criminal Record Can Limit Your Professional Options

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In today’s marketplace, school admission and job placement are extremely difficult and competitive – even for those with excellent credentials. However, a criminal record (particularly a lengthy one) can put a damper on a person’s professional options.

Generally speaking, a criminal record can have a very negative impact on a person’s educational prospects and professional career. If you have been charged with or convicted of a crime, it is essential that you have an experienced St. Petersburg attorney representing you. An experienced criminal defense attorney may be able to help you with having your charges dropped or reduced, minimize potential penalties, and, after a period of time, having your criminal record expunged.

Educational Opportunities

College admissions and admissions to graduate programs and professional schools, such as law schools and medical schools, are competitive. Not only must applicants have strong academic records and high standardized test scores in order to gain admission to these institutions, applicants must also usually fill out a character questionnaire or undergo some sort of character and fitness review as part of the application process. Most educational institutions also undertake criminal background checks on all applicants prior to making admissions decisions.

With the advent of the internet and other forms of electronic communication, performing background checks is easier now than ever, and criminal records – including criminal charge and conviction histories – are easily accessible to the general public.

A criminal record of any kind will usually have a negative impact on an admissions decision. In some cases, depending upon the educational institution, an applicant may be denied admission altogether if he or she has a criminal record, regardless of the charges.

Employment Opportunities

Criminal background checks on prospective employees are becoming more and more common. Some employers will not hire a person if that individual has a criminal record. Moreover, depending upon the nature of the criminal offense, upon arrest, an offender may be fired from his or her job and/or may lose a professional license.

Records Expungement

After a period of time passes, an individual may petition the court to have his or her criminal record expunged.

Expungement decisions usually depend on the following, among other factors:

  • The amount of time that has passed since the arrest, charge, or conviction
  • The nature of the crime
  • Any danger to the community-at-large by granting the records expungement

Contact an Experienced St. Petersburg Criminal Defense Attorney Today to Discuss Your Case

Any criminal record can have very serious consequences on a person’s past, present, and future educational and career opportunities. An experienced St. Petersburg criminal defense lawyer familiar with Florida law may be able to assist you with eliminating or reducing your charges or with petitioning the court for a criminal records expungement. To schedule a free case evaluation with a lawyer, call the Khonsari Law Group today at 727-269-5300 or send us an email through our online contact form.
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